Friday, 7 October 2016

Information on the professors who tried to kill me

They are doing research on quarks. They have been in bridlington this week. They claimed to be from Cambridge but are probably from an MI6 or government apphilliaed university.

They both took a week off after visting me the first time a couple of days ago (read blog for precise date). I suspect both but definately the tall think professor have killed students, they definitely have bad guy syndrome, They make the murders of their students look like suicide. They indoctrinate their students and have some plan to gain power in society (bad guy syndrome is apphilated with megolomania).

They held some form of trial in quite a hurry and drugged me to hold a trial before i put this post online.

Im hoping help will arrive soon, the UK has collapsed and I could use a helping hand. Damion

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