Friday, 11 November 2016

Important update

I'm still getting attacked a lot from people around the world. China and america are the main ones. They have made some sort of deal where china get to be best with my hypnosis and america gets to be the best with my technology I think. I'm hoping we can all (the world) work together on projects, me being me, I've tried as hard as i can top stimulate us all working together with distributing my technology. They keep setting me up to commit supposed crimes and then sentence me to be struck on the head with what they call death blows. They are brain damaging me. They need me alive because my neural nets are keeping temporal reality going but they want to out do me, If I die temporal reality goes. My phoenix stone went to E=mc? (very high), to the dimension that contains other improbable pasts which is why I can do this. MI6 keep putting me places where people torture people who just turn up.

Younger is charging people from around the world to come online with me making millions. my life is being in constant pain without strong pain killers. I feel a bit better today, people have been seeing me at my worst. Fuzz and Luke have been singled out for persecution along with me. Im hoping things get better. I hope something turns up or i can think of something, my head feels cloudy from the amount of people, grey netting forms.

The CIA have these black angel people that are going round causing problems i thought id log. All this is to stop make being famous I think.

I've had a look around the world and the place is screwed, its anarchy, mob justice, bad guy syndrome is everywhere, autistics usually have to hide they are autistic, rape is everywhere, abuse with programming is a way of life, they have secret trials in your mind with cruel and unusual punishments, its a mind control society. society has collapsed.... The world needs to wake up and now! Damion

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