Thursday, 1 December 2016

Update on the UK government and mind control society in the UK

The UK government is using the baby farms, places where numerous babies are used as batteries to supply people with neural nets, they say there arnt enough nets to go around, this is because the rich want extra nets and buy them, this abuse of children is taking the nervous output of babies and implanting them into your body, they are still connected to the baby so the baby will suffer. I have had my nets sold by younger who has made 10 billion out of me and people are claiming my nervous output as their own, if I use an ability to get my nets back I get people turning up to abuse me saying they will sue me with their secret court cases they like to hold. Its children and autistics who suffer most with this type of crime as we have highly active nets. This is unthinkable. The elite have created a mind control society where one person has quoted to me crime is 90 times more prevalent. Things need to change. the mind controllers are at 90% of world population I have found. Anyone neuro-typical who wants to fight them after finding out about them is killed. They are tying to socially engineer the planet. We need to head towards a psycho civilised society, they have created a society that is filled with abuse, you even get children with bad guy syndrome learning how to program people to abuse them.

The UK continues its rapes against me, I have found out someone to do with the queen and a job to stop David Bowie being famous for a while in the 80's I think it was raped me quite badly a while ago. My punishment for saying this girl called Ruth was a zoophile was to be raped, she keeps a lot of dogs and had long blonde hair. They say I have another punishment in line for me typing this they say. she's sexually abusing me with hypnosis while I type this. Sexual violence is the norm is the 10%. Damion

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