Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Update- more neuroleptics

The professors who were in two nights ago said they were from Cambridge university, they were definately professors. I met some other professors but these two are the main ones. Their lack of morality worried me. The sleepy drug they gave me was a really serious neuroleptic, an important net went grey, they have put a black fuzzy field over it, without it I scream in pain. Im sleepy all the time, i need sleep an hour or two after I wake up. I should be in a coma, the guy who MI6 do the same experiments to is in one, for some reason I aren't. The professors apparently were trying to get me tried as an alien believe it or not, apparently you lose all your rights if they do that. The judge told them they'd go down in history for attempting that and dismissed the case. They were just trying to get hold of me to experiment on me.

The professors were physicists, one knew a lot about antiques, its one of his hobbys, he was in bridlington on monday, he was tall and quite thin, he claimed to know professor simon baron-cohen who i occasionally mail (hes an expert in autism) but i cant be sure if he was lying. This professor was with another, he was moody, quite short and had a tubby belly. I think they were a bit miffed I've achieved a lot more than them. I hope these A holes get tracked down. They could have easily killed me with the drug, MI6 say they intended to. Ill try remember more about them.

MI6 are torturing me a lot, they say the worse they do the more they will torture me. A warning for you- they had one of their pedophiles in, They displace part of my subconscious and can extract sub conscious memories, they did this for when i took us to Europa. The pedophile claims he learnt my ability but i dont think he did, he has programmed his belief system to believe what he gens, You should see him, he faked his eyes bulging to make out hes some all knowing type, lol, its not like that seeing this stuff, it doesn't do that to me thats for sure. MI6 are trying to spread images from the pedophile, they have an objective of the world learning from pedophiles for some reason. I have been to the moon in the middle of a crater which will scare the hell out of you because you think you will sink into it and to a rocky part of Europa but nowhere else, wait, i did go to an asteriod that was really dark, thats it sor far, im holding back, I'm waiting for the right people to show up to do this properly. You can confirm these two abilities from star positions and quantum sensing (tasting ect) the environment. Hopefully we can make humanity better with these abilities, they did bring out the worst in the evil professors though, hopefully they can bring out better in others. Human greed is my arch enemy. Damion

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