Friday, 30 September 2016

Important update

My back really is broken and a chunk of theme spine is missing/moved. MI6 had a gem covering up the break. They and the deli lamas Tibetans are trying/planning on killing me with it. They keep doing experiments on it tensing muscles, it hurts when they do this.

They keep having peadophiles torture me before the peadophile has some type of court case. I like the judge but he tried to get younger tried for attempted murder among other thing, he woke up this morning programmed and unable to function or call for help we've had two judges here and I like them both.

MI6 keep trying a personality change experiment downloading my frequencies into peadophile so humanity had to get frequencies from them, surely their attraction to children won't pass on, I'm hoping not.

The U.K. Government, central governments scientists released a nano virus on the Internet. To attack the world who want to help me and to stop me being famous they said, they called it 'fire'. Damion

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