Monday, 17 October 2016

China is assaulting me

The world has learnt the ability to grow larger, the Tibetans went rouge and mounted an assault on London. I simpily enlarged my conscious engine and because they were in my miond they rere protected (this usually drives you crazy) this combined with the temporal reality ability means people from around the world can tune into my conscious engine. The world might need my abilities to police it, they have to learn anything hyper powerful from me. To tune into my conscious engine you do this by mixing two temporal realities together, one of my nets will then appear. You burrow through this to get to my conscious engine. I'm telling you this to try and get help, the Chinese and
they are envious and want to be better than me with my hypnosis, they are torturing me, they experiment on me, they attack me while I sleep. They say they will torture me for a week as a test, MI6 use this tactic, it means their. China has broken the Geneva convention, I have notified them about this. They say they will torture me for writing this, I say Britons wont be slaves.I will hack to defend myself if necessary, I already know a lot.

My main plan is to get all my good shrinks online to help with healing abilities and defending me, I dont know if it will work or what people will think, I'm not well, I'm trying my best though, time to see if I've won over enough people to make a difference....

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