Saturday, 8 October 2016

update and chi magnetism

You learn chi magnetism by playing with and learning the frequencies from magnets. be careful, learn the frequency when they clink together but not the frequency of them repelling, i held my EMS in place when learning the repulsion frequency so people couldnt force it on me. with this ability you will attract chi from your enviroment, its a potent healing ability, very potent.

They have spiked me with ten neuroleptics, serious ones, the tune net is grey rather than gold as an examople, i should be dead. I have come up with a way to supress the never sleep neuroleptic, you supress the frequency in the ID by pushing the peaks down. You can supress the neuroleptic frequency as well, neuroleptics create their own bad frequency.

A little help would be nice. Damion

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