Friday, 14 October 2016

temporal abilities update

Warning- The UK is using my abilities to try and manipulate the world. They are monitoring the future at places places like newspaper record machines at libraries, the prime ministers office and other such places. They have collected secrets . The UK has committed an act of war against the rest of the world. This is really dangerous. Ive seen how this can turrn out. We need to work togeter, so much is at steak, i really mean it.

They are trying to kill me, they have dislodged and returned my dislocated spine twice today in attempts on my life. Younger wants to be able to say it was an accident... They just tried returning my spine again sat at a chair in the library, I hyperventilated going 'oh, oh, oh ,oh' and felt a refreshing paralyzing, disorientating feeling that made my upper torso tense up. Damion

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