Friday, 9 December 2016


the one called Ruth has had the zooaphile upper class community attack me, all because i want justice. They attacked me and also fuzz to get at me. I was raped three times in a cruel and unusual way lets say by them, zooaphile royalty I've heard them called as. They also tortured me all day yesterday and stole frequencies from me for their perverted sex. One is one of the Queens knights again, he's a sadist, apparently it is sheek for him to abuse (regular people usually he says). Ruth has hold of one of my children on her farm, shes gone obsessed with sex even with children due to her stealing something connected to my nerves, some ultimate sex thing I don't know about.
The upper class zooaphiles have had it made law in our society that if you out a zooaphile you get raped with an animal, its an actually law this community enforces, they also try indoctrinate people with hypnosis. I tried to cause them problems.

The UK has made some form of deal (I don't know much) to try take all happiness and pleasure away from me over three months, it should be over the end of January. That's why they are doing what they are doing, this is Teresa, the queen, younger and sawyers. Paris said once about six years ago ill get out of this, but i wont have a life worth living, ill have money but i wont be able to enjoy it. Damion

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