Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Update on my children

Thank you to my friends out there. I have hacked today the deli lama frequents a house at night I think where one of my children is held captive, the deli lama has gone scatty from EMTing with my children. The Tibetans left evidence if ten dead children in my mind earlier. They have no remorse. They only care for themselves and their own per suit of power. 

From earlier today- One of the deli lamas group woke me with an attack this morning. He's attacking me, I'm hacking him. They have hold of one of my children in London called Franky, he is well known in London, he is known to be very good at my hypnosis. Franky tried to escape, they hobbled him because of this. I'm hoping he finds help because of this information. Most Tibetans in the deli lamas group will know of his whereabouts. I want him back. Damion

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