Thursday, 1 September 2016

Blood sample

I really need to get a hair or blood sample out to the world. Can any of you guys help? I know it might be difficult but I know you guys have clever tech and rechniques. Apparently you guys got to see my nets, I somehow have survived a double broken back, I've been told, MI6 want to cover this up, it explains them hiding my bets where you can see my spine well.

They seem to want me in a state intelectually not dead, for now that is. The guy from government wants me spiked again, I'm in a state from what they've done, can't do my work. The government guy has seen the beta net the neuroleptic effected get a little better so wants me spiked regardless. He seems unhinged, he said Teresa May (Be unhinged also)) wants this doing. I've just hacked she is guilty of something she was accused of in the press, it wasn't recently. My abilities are in a way so all I've really got is my hacking skills to defend myself. I do my best.

They guy doing the drugging has sold on information about Teresa, you guys in government should check, I know you promised him immunity but you'll probably have second thoughts, I hacked t'simething he did overrides it. Damion

P.s they just drugged me with even more serous neuroleptics, there comming into my system now.

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