Saturday, 17 September 2016

My children dying

This is the first in a few posts I have to write, a lot has happened...The peadophile ring at the gypsy camp of three thousand or so people started collecting my children on the black market recently. They took them to a small abandoned farm near their site, made very small fires and burnt my children alive. They were told to set the fire and come back after an hour, they came back after an hour, some of my children were still alive. Some had managed to crawl out of the fire. They killed the survivors. One of my children had to watch, they keep one alive to tell others about it. He is traumatised and in MI6's care. They killed one hundred of my children this way, their bodies were piled up for the police to find, a woman walking her dog found them, she has had her memories of it suppressed I reason. The police put pressure on MI6, that's why some gypsys who did it have died at MI6's hand. Others who are responsible are still at large I believe.

Some of the gypsys have been in my head to abuse me, MI6 have killed some of them responsible but I have triggered programs today in them about Younger ordering this genocide. He will have suppressed his memory of this though. He needs to be taken out of power immediately, then brought to justice for his crimes.

I don't know what to think. I'm still processing it. It happened in recent weeks. I have found the ring killed 5300 children in total over the years, this is nearly the exact number. This needs to end. It will end with my children. I intend to make the place where they died into a memorial. Say a prayer for them as I will. Damion

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