Sunday, 25 September 2016

Important update on the UK

I've had some people in from the professions who have organised here in the UK. A lot of them have had a form of deep belief programming used on them, it's really dangerous. The chiaropractors from the other day were programmed to be weapons.

A few people high up is UK mind control society have been in; the programmers. MI6 wanted them to know my latest ability to combat 'the programmed' as I've called them. I've been trying to develop abilities to combat this problem. People turn into mind control slaves, all they can do is follow there programming, if they don't like their programming all they can do is kind of struggle against it and kind of cry out from behind their eyes while following their program. I developed the technique of getting a shrink I helped called Emerald to help fix this problem but MI6 undid all her programming which I told them not to do (I write this because I want her to know the truth). I developed the technique of communicating with a poor mi6 agent who mi6 experimented on, I used her struggling once to mean yes and struggling twice to mean no, this is useful. My technique to clear out programs is you hold an empty field over a belief/the core belief for s few seconds and it will undo the programming. Damion

Warning- mi6 just said they can use this new programming to get people out of court cases.This gives them a major advantage. The programmers will find new programming techniques now. One agent slipped up saying the CIA is in control of younger and they are obsessed with this new technique.

WARNING- MI6's plan is to sell their Nazi research to stop the world moving against them

WARNING- MI6 are out to do as much damage to humanity as possible.

Note- the guy who carried to order to kill my children from younger has disappeared now we found out.

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