Saturday, 17 September 2016

Rebellion- priority update

GCHQ are offline and isolated. Government has cut them off. Can any of my friends out there help them out. There is an office controlling GCHQs internet, it's government occupied. Maybe ID these guys and let them know the score. Me and GCHQ would appreciate the 'leg up' to get on our feet again. There are a key resource either indispensably or to ally with. IDEA- maybe you could give them codes to a satellite uplink, there are a lot of satalites in space thanks to my ideas, maybe we could use one...or a few...

MI6 are all fighting to stop people moving in to free up Great Britain. Most of them have sided with Younger who was part of burning my children and government. I've had one solatry member of my department stand up with me. He's now under guard, transferred somewhere, I've told him he won't be tried for cowadarce now. If anyone can ID him please see he gets help. He's short, about 29 or so and brave. Few in MI6 have sided with the Phoenix net and GCHQ. They should be tried for genocide or cowadarce for following Younger, I won't forgive them this time if they don't fight. They are scared foriegn powers are moving in to take over MI6, my plan is us who do rebell unite with them and make the rebellion work. 

To those who get my message I'm trying to send out to MI6, MI girls and MI shrinks, we need to rebel, you will know what to do... The day you die what will you wish you did today? I want you to think about this decision., that you could die...then sink your ego when you do. Do it...

There, I removed a conflict in you, now let's do it.... D

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