Saturday, 17 September 2016

Revolution update

There is a lot going on in MI6 and government. They plan some kind of counter attack against a world wide rebellion the Phoenix net and GCHQ somehow managed to trigger. I think it was heavily to do with the hackers who launched 'last resort'. I'm sorry to hear some of them died, it wasn't suicide...We lost some Aspies fighting back. They are world heros.

It looks like the rebellion has spread, the Internet is a war zone apparently. Some countries have woken up. I say to you; now is the time to fight. America has released a bit army to control the Internet recently, I'll explain this in 'the story of the Great Britain rebellion' in writing. The mind controlers will get their claws in even deeper this time if we fail this time. There's basically a war on, us good guys need to fight. We might not get another chance like this. A lot of people have been fighting to make this happen. It's now or never.

Some information for you...

MI6 suggested launching swordfish in my earshot. What is swordfish?

We need to send out white virus with information to wake the world up to the mind controlers and show them how to fight.

We need to wake up America, I think the mind control elite will be there. We can't beat the mind control elite without winning over the people of America. They need waking up.

To combat the bot army you either add and spread code to the bots to make them delete each other or reprogram one of the bots with your white virus, use the bit army against itself.

The bots are made up of a multi digit code apparently. The first thing is to identify how many letters there are in the alpha bet. 

You can slice up a bots multi code into sections, you could bombard these sections with random data on an isolated system, you will eventually trigger actions, you monitor and log the reactions and then know the code to give the bit army an update.

The bots if they collect data will have a 'go home' command maybe that we can trigger.

The bots recognise friendly bots, we disguise our viral white virus as one of them.

Can we hijack popular anti virus software and do a rouge update to get the worlds computers to fight the bot army?

There are a group of telepaths called libertarians, I got told they changed their name under my suggestion to evolutionists, maybe they can help.

GCHQ is pinned by government, can anyone help them? 

I might be able to form an uprising in MI5 (what's left of it, long story) and MI6 if anyone can help free up the net and good agents there...

The mind controlers are trying to drag us back to literally the dark ages, us good guys are fighting for a golden age for us. We've fought back. Wish us luck. Here's to evolution, revolution and last resorts. Damion (one of the evolutionaries)

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