Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why MI5 returned

I was down in Liverpool recently, I went near the Center and I found myself online in a big conscious net over the city. I was my usual self thinking away, apparently I made a good impression on the people in this net. This was the day I met a new shrink I named Mercury that you will find out about in an up coming post. I have been recently told some Autistics were in this net and tried to help me, they must have liked me saying I'm gonna put these nazis off messing with another one of us Autistics. I do remember getting a reaction to that comment. its these Autistics who got In touch with MI5 to save me from MI6, that's why MI5 returned. Lol, it hasn't worked out the way they expected. I'm still thankful for their help though. U.S. On the spectrum should stick together. Damion

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