Monday, 12 October 2015

Paedophile ring update

The paedophiles community definitely live on a farm, I think it's their land. It's like a concentration camp, their prisoners they use for hypnotic and other experiments are hidden out of the way. I found out how many children the ring has killed since the war but you probably won't believe's in the thousands...I've had shrinks try walk out over this....all the members of the ring know the number, they are actually proud of it...They traffic people there definitely, I think maybe to make money. There are prostitutes on site. I hacked from one of the members its near a port, I think one we'd all know (I'm not 100% sure but a good place to start). They have changed all their behaviours as your meant to do when the heat is on............

i got em.....I just did a neural hack on a member while looking at google maps..its Dover, I'm sure, their farm is near Dover. I think I've got them. There's a slight chance they are faking their reactions, they seemed genuine.

I need to do a post about my son who goes by the name of Phoenix who needs saving from this community, he's grown up in hell, he's the spitting image of me at ten, I don't know how to write about all this. I really don't. I know I want him with me, he could use a dad like me, it's a priority and worth a lot to me if anyone out there wants to carry sizeable favour with me. I have a promise to keep with this one.

Me at around the same age as Phoenix is now, he will be tall like me-

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