Saturday, 24 October 2015

Emergency information

I've found out Mi5 have raised a lot of children of mine, some in good projects but some in unthinkable conditions. Like most of my male children they look like me. MI5 set up teams to work independently where agents pretty much are left to their own devices, it's some of these teams that have my children. I've been hacking the MI5 agents that have come online, one of my children gets some machine strapped to him for pointless experiments a decade behind the Phoenix nets kind of work. I won't say what the machines for to stop pointless copy cat experiments (that would lead to nothing), the agent in at the moment has raped one of my children. He said 'they will never give them up, they are their hope for the future' referring to the people who have my children. It's pretty unthinkable what MI5 are doing inside the UK to my children and our citizens. If anyone out there could assist my children I will be greatly in your debt. I've been told the number of children I have has passed the 10,000 mark, because just about all my children are Theta's were a new race in humanity, I ask the international community for its help, I just ask my children are raised in fair circumstance. I hope you can help. Damion

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