Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A stimociever implanted in the middle of my frontal lobe

This is one of the more sick things MI6 do to Autistics... A couple of years ago they implanted a stimociever (a round she'll like metal device that turns radio waves to electricity and stimulates neurons) right in the middle of my frontal lobe, right in the middle of the spherical field personality inhabits. They put a big needle with a bug on the end up my nose  and right into the middle of my brain believe it or not. 
            My stimociever illegal operation

I was conscious when they did it under hypnosis, I know the feeling of being touched in the middle of the brain. I remember having the effects of a lobotomy moderately strongly from its implantation but unusually it only lasted a few days rather than the months it takes to recover from the lobotomy they do by taking hypnotic support away (damage to the entire frontal lobe). They have done experiments stimulating the stimociever in the street, if they use a 600Hz say I collapse making a loud noise that sounds like bloody 'road runner' from cartoons but at 600Hz. This implant could kill me if they try remove it, it's in for good. If anyone out there wants to they could walk past me in the street and stimulate it and record it on camera, it's worth a lot a recording like this, I give my permission for this as it's important the world knows the truth, hopefully it could help stop this happening to other Autistics. Just be careful of the amplitude and don't hit me for too long with it, my neurone are getting electrocuted basically from it. I have time to put my hands down when I collapse so I should be ok (mi6 have done this a few times to me). Scientifically it's a useless device unless I turn it into Quantum tech. Its just another bumbling nazi experiment, there's a story behind this implant, I nearly die, but I don't know how close I came to death until around two years after when I work something out, but that's another story I'm saving for my book. I'm in Bebbington at the moment getting some rest from my exhaustion, I'll be back in bridlington and Hornsea near the end of the month. Damion

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