Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mi5 update

I have been hacking information out of mi5, they are proving very susceptible to my techniques. They are conducting experiments on children, neurotypicals and Autistics, even Mi6 are shocked they 'break' Autistics with torture to stop them fighting. They don't rest their T.I's either which has lead to deaths. They opperate like old fashioned Nazis. I've met a few MI5 agents with 'bad guy syndrome' (a disorder you get from torturing people too much) which has a seeming link to peadophillia. The joke is MI5 thought they had learnt a lot until they got back involved with me, they are still working on understanding things like personality lol, they are literally ten years behind my work, they have achieved nothing advanced since my days with them. The world needs to know neurotypicals and Autistics cannot do what savants can, copy cat experiments won't bare any results, nothing which compares to how advanced the Phoenix net is. Someone told me 100,000 autistics have disappeared round the planet but I don't know how accurate this figure is. My fellow Autistics can't do what I can, the Phoenix net needs to get these abilities out and take the competition out of the market.

Please excuse my last comment on my blog, I'm suffering from exhaustion and was sleep deprived/having stress experiments done. I was tortured for a year, then rested for 6 weeks (half what I need due to it taking three months for information to sink down the super ego and hit the axon hillock), then they started to torture me when I'm in this rest mode, it's making me ill, I was ok before I got a little rest. My comment about the Australians will be explained properly in my book, they rather bravely came to Great Britains rescue to liberate MI6 after I alerted them to what's happened with the CIA's takeover of MI6, unfortunately things are worse than what people think here, MI5 MI6 and David Cameron have committed genocide and know about/are involved with all of this (David Cameron using human traffickers to flood the market with my semen as just one example of their genocide), the Australians needed warning not to get involved with all this. They probably thought liberating MI6 would stop what's happening here. It's much worse than what people think, it's systemic failure of Great Britain. We need a new Prime Minister, my plan is to try get people to rebel against Cameron, John Sawyers and Tony Blair, it's either them being tried for genocide or our country, were a good country, the moment they committed genocide is the moment they stopped speaking on our country's behalf. I don't know how I'll try make this happen, I'll think of a plan. Damion

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