Saturday, 24 October 2015

Important MI5 information

I've been hacking MI5 agents still. I keep finding I can tap on sexual abuse and torture agents have done, even in all the girls,it really bothers them all when I hack this stuff. It's getting to the point it doesn't make sense all this's all of them, every agent and it bothers them all. One agent said it's some form of Nazi indoctrination method. Who are they doing this torture to as well?

I hacked a bit more; there's a guy with a lot of power in MI5, he's the one who was holding those poor MI5 agents who were getting tortured long term, I think some of them are safe now btw. All agents will know of this guy, he's got a lot of power. This guy believes in Nazi doctorine, he's some type of moron who believes in that crap, he's set up a lot of experiments on people and has indoctrinated a lot of my shrinks in MI5, the agents I hacked are scared of him, this needs to stop, it's an emergency. I'm hoping this post paints him up as a key figure in all this and takes away some of his secrecy, he loses a lot power without it. Damion

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