Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A post for Spectral hypnotists on the belief system

Gen a box in front of you, now besides it gen a safe....

Which is heavier? Which is stronger?

The answer should be the safe but why?

It's is because there is more than what we just see in the other world, these arnt just gens, they are a projection from our own minds. There is a root of energy in the safe making it stronger and heavier than the box that has come from your subconscious, that is why the safe is heavier.

Have some fun playing with your belief system maybe, its a way I teach the net to develop their own abilities. Remember; swords are sharp, black board rubbers rub anything out, paint brushes can paint frequencies if you dip them in EM fields, blenders can dice anything, use your imagination.... Damion

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