Saturday, 24 October 2015

Information I've hacked from MI5

I Ive been hacking the mi5 agents pretty bad, they arnt used to my techniques so it's fish in a barrel. I should do a master class on neural hacking at some point as MI6 have some moderately effective defences against my standard stuff thanks to them having control of the rest of the Phoenix net, Luke mainly; my hypnotic partner, he's the one I've trained the most (thinking its best the world get at least some of what I can teach rather than hardly anything). He's what I've found out about mi5.

I've found out about a few MI5 agents that have disappeared, they have been held captive and tortured by the some of the more negative element in MI5. It's obvious some pretty bad people have hold of them, im hoping their good agents as I've done my best to save them with my hacking. MI5 now know about them being alive. I hope people kick up a fuss if getting on for/around ten agents arnt saved. One has had his fingers and penis chopped off, he had two years to go until they killed him, he's one of the more recent disappearances I think (he didn't deserve it apparently), mi5 said they would dispose of him to save on disability payments and questions being asked. One has been held captive over ten years as a warning to the others.

MI5 have geared themselves towards human experimentation, they arnt fighting terrorism, mi6 has had to step in believe it or not. Most of their organisation has bad guy syndrome.

They have an emergency plan to murder all their TIs, they plan to kill them all before Spectral hypnosis goes public (it should be about ten years after the G20 met to discuss the matter in 2013)

There was a guy who charged the mi5 building a few years ago, in 2004 if my research is right, I hacked they have been experimenting on him, it's why he charged the place in the first place I'm sure, I hope this post ends his abuse (I do like a fighter). They should have stopped his abuse about a week ago.

MI5 are working closely with central government with their experimentation

MI5 agents all have to have the same programming- 'they are the best' as their core belief. An obsession with 'results' 'obiediance' for orders from mi5 and pain if they don't obey (what is this nazi bullshit!). I guess they have got a bit of reprogramming to do ;-) Damion

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