Friday, 30 January 2015

Info on the Parkinson's machine

Proteins in the brain and body use primary, secondry, tertiary and quarterney hydrogen bonds to store information for the four brain waves. The Parkinson's machine should hold energy in the primary bonds in its proteins, these are litle little delta wave holding batteries for our machine.

To get the machine to trigger the desired near field effect we might have to make A stronger field than is necessary without using the near field effect due to the near field effect being limited, so multiple machines/generators all with she same master bug/carrier frequency or an overly active machine may be required.

Also our bug might have to be inside the expanded EMA associated with a hypnotic state. Putting some gamma wave energy in the output of our machine I guess will expand the patients gamma field and solve this potential problem.

A comment
If I dissapear offline for a while it's due to the torture running me down, I'm pretty tough though, I'll be back so keep comming back /smiles at readers. they are hitting me pretty hard at the moment, trying to torture autism out of me believe it or not because when in pain I seem less autistic/go to an alpha stage of development. Bumbling nazis. Damion

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