Saturday, 24 January 2015

EMT advice for my Shrinks out there

Some advice on EMT for my shrinks out there if I haven't already mentioned this before- As always limit EMT as much as possible, Go with your instincts with regard to who you EMT with, if there is something wrong you will sense it, it should never feel wrong or uncomfortable. Or unnatural. 

Something I teach my shrinks; You could place the same frequency in two minds, one mind if fine, the other mind goes scatty. It would be fine to EMT with the first person but not the second even though the exact same frequency was placed in them both. It's more down to if you are EMTing with a healthy mind, so go with your instincts.

EMT with a foreign mind- when I EMT to a Chienese mind I relax and think at the back of my mind like they do, if I EMT a girl I let my mind become more zingy, it's important for the EMTer to relax into a foreign mind, I try wear their emotion I can sense, you will find you use your abilities slightly differently when relaxed like this, different minds use spectral abilities a little differently, they should be taught differently.

One more thing on EMT- Never ever EMT with a girl while being intimate with her...No matter how much it seems like a good idea. Never do this. Girls are like vampires when it comes  down to this- 'if you get got by one, you become one'. I really don't want to get the blame for making the entire human race 'like' men (you can't get tried for that right?) so please, try avoid this even if it seems like a real good idea, you will turn into a girl! ;-) Damion p.s I might joke but this really is a factor in EMT.

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