Sunday, 4 January 2015

America threatening invisible war on the UK

America, well the CIA has threatened to declare an invisible war on the UK if we don't do what it wants, torturing me being one of the conditions. This is about GCHQ recently finding out the state of affairs. It won't be a normal war, they are threatening to cause lots of problems to individuals in positions of power in our system with the secrets they have hacked using my hypnosis against the undefended, those who don't know it exists. David Cameron has been bought by the CIA, for them he's trying to stop GCHQ's COBRA protocol (an emergency plan to fight a foreign foothold in the UK). I think what America has done taking control and threatening this invisible attack is as good as an act of war, they arnt only a danger to Great Britain, surely an organisation like theirs is a danger to us all. I'm hoping by putting their planned tactics down they won't be able to use them, surely the international community would be horrified at such actions. Damion

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