Friday, 30 January 2015

An idea 'the bond table, neurogenesis and the Parkinson's machine

I've got it, there is a pre natal stage, that's when the primary bonds are broken! This means I have cracked something important. This fits with classic autistics, my autism table I posted earlier needs updating, there are two delta types on the spectrum. This also means to stimulate neurogenesis with the Parkinson's machine (adapted) we'd need to break primary bonds in an adult and inject stem cells, the pre delta stage being stimulated is why classic autistics have so many neurons, the field needed should leave you dopey and sleeping 18 hours a day if it's right. I can't believe I missed the Gammas out on my table though rightly they should be called pre-delta type autistics (a preliminary term). This work will go a long way to fixing my brain damage and helping many others to boot. This basically means we can grow people new bits for the brain and body in essence. I won't be giving up on getting better any time soon. Damion

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