Sunday, 11 January 2015

Casualty report 'the invisible wars'

Here is a very low estimate of the casualty list for the invisible wars so far, the numbers I expect to be revised much higher. These are all deaths that have been preventable in the last decade, if my hypnosis had gone a different way.

Deaths from Parkinsons 1,097,100
Around 1 person in 500 gets Parkinsons, it is terminal.

Deaths from Schizophrenia 270,700
1% of the planet have Schizophrenia, 10% will go on to commit suicide.

Deaths from Depression 152,520
Between 3% and 17% world wide suffer from depression, up to 15% will commit suicide.

Deaths from invisible warfare ???,???
Wars have been fought using my hypnosis tipping balances of power costing many lives.

These preventable deaths are growing each day, there is also a lot more my hypnosis can do (like free scans), millions of life's have been lost holding my hypnosis back a decade. I hope someone someday does the exact maths on this someday. Damion

-The mortality figures were taken from

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