Monday, 19 January 2015

Remnant net sensing; For my shrinks out there

I developed a new ability for my shrinks about a week or so ago, a quite surprising ability. I try hold back developing abilities obviously but I knew what it would mean for this one guy, and for others so I thought it a good thing to try pass on, I taught him so generate nets from his dead friend. It meant a lot to him, he even gave me a net he said was important in return. The net was soon to be mutilated but it's the thought that counts, he's one of the monarch mind controlled so is addicted to torturing people like me. It unexpected reaction in him. Every shrink I have I think will want to see someone. I'm not sure if you need to learn this from me directly, even when I watch someone demonstrate an ability it changes the ability, you might be able to learn it the same way I did... 

You have to remember touching who's net you want to recreate, I remembered a friendly punch in the arm of my friend. let your mind remember this, a vague image from your imagination should appear when you do this, now gently punch around the area you punched, now you should see a bit of a net, spread the energy out from where you touched them using indirect concentration (looking away from the field your creating), you should find it creates a body net. You will know if you have it right, you will be able to sense their emotions.

So I've got to sense my friend Damien Lester nets like what I wanted, he died when we were both 18. It seems we all leave something of ourselves behind when we pass away, more than is understood, It does make me wonder. Damion

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