Friday, 30 January 2015

A contradiction in my posts

I put a post up recently saing there are lots of dangers heading our way over the next half century with the comming of new technologies but then there's me putting online how to make the Parkinson's machine, my *ahem* quantum transistor (long story) ect. The technology isn't the danger, it's people developing it by themselves that's dangerous. That's why I put it online.

I know I have the attention of a few good countries, I started trying to get more followers online but I've decided against that, it's best to keep things the way they are though I do feel my blog going viral would be a good thing for the world. It's best my work is in the hands of governments, really I'd be happiest working for the United Nations, having a few countries make the decisions. Lol, I don't even know if the UNITED has a research and development wing. Ok, I've said my piece. Damion

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