Tuesday, 3 May 2016

perpetual flow and field compressor idea

Here's an idea for an uphill water pump, its a way to help with irrigation and a clean source of energy...

Here's an idea for a new set of compounds for you guys...

Here's an idea for the field compressor and shiney matter, it not a given it will work as it's a non quantum solution to the problem...

My pump should not be patented, it's a present to the world, especially the third world who I'm sure will find good use for it.

My idea for shiny matter should perhaps be a joint USA Russian project as shiny matter needs a field compressor/collapsed warp field to work. Please be careful with the production of shiny matter as it may be unstable and lead to the complete breakdown of atoms. The field compressor will also be useful for china with the core reactor project, this should also be a joint project as for the same reasons as above. Please be careful if you attempt such projects if they are deemed safe. As always we need to think before we act with such things.

The UK government spiked me with another neuroleptic that is effecting my frontal lobe because I came up with the pump idea. They raped me again two nights ago. Pointless bumbling Nazis. They are still torturing me all the time, the snotty nose is still present half the time. If people need to track down Ripley for her crimes she lived at Alexandria grove in London (near a music store). MI5 are planning against the world, they know they have made an enemy of it so have come up with ways to attack/get at the world believe it or not. They have bad guy syndrome to a strong degreee. Damion

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