Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dr. Database ideas

Here's some good ideas for Dr database...

COAL INDUSTRY ADAPTATION COMPOUNDS- Extra compounds for coal producing countries, say an extra two compounds (or inline with projected adaptation cost) to go along with a percentage of perpetual energy being used to adapt the world. I'm afraid there may not be any useful poly recs ect that can come from coal, I've tried thinking about coal still being useful, Ill keep thinking of ways to stimulate your industries guys...

SECONDRY COMPOUNDS- An idea to take on if most countries agree its a good idea- Both an extra one compound for everyone across the board to close the rich poor divide slightly and a full 50% increase in the amount of compounds a country has, some secondary compounds to stimulate the world economy more. This should only happen when everyone has patented their first compounds, this is important because this is to stimulate countries with excess computer processing power like the USA letting other countries in Africa as an example use their computers and knowhow to compute their compounds. A time limit (say two weeks/a month) should be put on choosing compounds then everyone should get their extra 50% compounds. This way countries saving their compounds can still save their compounds while still getting something for now. An idea I really like is- Any half compounds should be used on projects with countries with other half compounds to spare which will stimulate joint projects and international cooperation.

UNITED NATIONS COMPOUNDS- Another good idea is twenty-forty compounds for the UN to patent to be used bring new countries up to scratch entering the UN and for other humanitarian projects/ projects that benefit humanity. I cant help but feel I should have thought of this sooner. The UN should get to pick its compounds before the secondary compounds are released. An injection of cash to the UN might do the entire world some good. You never know I might get my UNSP (United Nations Space Programme) after all (someone will have to police space eventually after all guys :-)

LIFE SUPPORT AND DESALINATION- My Co2 to oxygen compound (F.R.E.D can process that one) should either be in my keeping (and therefore free), the UN's or patent free, I feel strongly it should not cost to breath in space! I had the idea for a good desalination compound that should also be treat the same in my opinion (another one for F.R.E.D), it will help with farming and farming out at sea. This is obviously for the good of all of us, I believe in responsible money making, not money making at all cost; money making that costs us all.

As always I hope my ideas help guys. Damion

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