Friday, 27 May 2016

Mi6's gangsters

Mi6 have got even more gangsters to come to bridlington. They are getting into my room, sexually assaulting me in different ways and stealing my semen. Mi6 made a deal that they supply London gangsters with my children then they give them the results, my children are all over the place, there's a lot of them...a lot. They are entering my room regularly to do this. I could use help.

I stumbled on some high frequency nets the other day, mi6 got some canibis in me and I saw them, they keep spiking me with a drug that makes me go sleepy to try and find more nets. This is because I've stopped coming up with ideas after the major drugging with neuroleptics. It's the primary net that went grey, if the net is put back in place I can't think and it hurts a lot, I imagine people who have had it screamed a lot afterwards, it's a pretty crappy drug, I'm only functioning and not retarded because I'm on the spectrum. Damion

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