Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Poem about autism

your spectrum

You sit and play
A world away
Come what may
What can I say

You seem happy there
All lost in thought
With jigsaw puzzle
Shapes to sort

Do I think too quick
Should I change you
Plays on my mind
I'm feeling blue
As come what may
You sit and play
All heaven sent
A world away

Will my hand make you blue too?
Should anything be done to you?
Should we go and lower your Id?
Teach the things I taught and did
Should we go and change your thoughts?
and take away the shapes you sort?
But thinking now
How you might change
What might come
It seems quite strange
As you could reach up so far
And change the world with who you are
I’ve walked this path
But just a bit
I must admit at times its shit
Should we go and push it further?
Walk the spectrum
Be Asperger
Change shapes to things
To things to sort
A world your own
All lost in thought
With people here
Computers there
I’ll change you with an ice cold stare
organise something new
Something old
Give you just that little glance
So you can steal that stuff
And have that chance
And find a world
Now beyond your reach
Can I change
And can I teach
The things you need
And deep down want
A wake
A mind
A rise
A font

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