Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Drugging update

Here's a list of symptoms I had when they drugged me with multiple drugs in the early hours of Friday the 13th...

-Couldn't talk
-couldn't see at all
-hallucinations mainly out of the corner of the eye
-Delta body net dissolved
-delta net went grey
-other delta nets dissolved with hypnosis
-cold core temperature
-hard to write
-occipital lobe burning
-super small pupils
-stimulant effect couldn't sleep
-disorientated badly
-couldn't think
-had to crawl across floor (probably a fit)
-penis numb

They spiked me with the theta poison again last night 16/5/16, could hardly see. They have been torturing me a lot, I've not been in a state to work since the big drugging, hopefully I'll get better soon, they have said they are just going to tell the world I 'burnt out' naturally. The bumbling Nazis seem to want results but also to brain damage me at the same time, idiots. David 'Dastardly' Cameron sold perpetual power for enough to pay back the 50 billion he gave away screwing over great Britain, he needs to go, I think he wanted an excuse to go back on his deal he made with the power companies, the public don't have a clue what happens in government anymore. MI6 have given me the impression the UN are taking charge of perpetual power and were getting the % for my children who are out there which is important to me, they have said I may have a million children judging how many children I have from the first lot of stolen semen in 2003 which I find hard to take in, I want them all to have good lives so the money is important, it could be the difference between an orphanage and a good home to them.

I have a member of the conservative government in still, they keep having me brain damaged, drugged and tortured, Cameron keeps a close eye on my situation. They have my funds severely limited while I'm in supported housing, I need to get money together for a flat but am finding it near impossible, I'm hoping to get help somehow. They have been torturing me a lot about the D pump/perpetual flow. Damion

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