Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Adapting the coal industry,baby farms, neurological engeneering and MI5 info

With regards to my perpetual power idea- Coal producing countries should get extra compounds in line with their loss of industry (I'll post shortly). This will help stimulate industry so coal miners could retrain. A percentage of the money perpetual power makes should go to adapting the world. The coal producing countries shouldn't worry, the world wont forget you, these are just growing pains, your entire country gets free power and on top of that you get new industry to replace a dying one. I must admit I am hesitant to make great Britain money after it has committed genocide so I think a fair percentage of revenue from perpetual power should go towards fixing what it has done to us Autistics which could be quite expensive, MI6 estimate I have/am going to have one million children, all needing specialist care. Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had me tortured to stop me putting this information up online (since my birthday) I think so he can make me out to be an economic terrorist as he calls me, I think he will have been running around investing in my idea while I'm out of action so he is committed. I'm hoping it is legal and moral I get a fair percentage of what the UK makes from perpetual power, it just seems wrong otherwise, Autistics won't be slaves. I must admit this once I am tempted to name my pump after myself as is the tradition with the Greeks whose work I have built on this time. I'll let the world decide on this one. D pump, Damion's pump, Gravitational pump, perpetual pump...You decide :-)

On a more sombre note I keep hacking information about 'baby farms' here in the UK, places where babies are grown on mass, this is an emergency, can someone please notify the right people about this. Bad guy syndrome is pretty bad here, these people are growing battery children. I saw a gen of one where a poor woman had to feed 60's babies or she didn't get to eat herself. Things are bad, we need the UN...

It has come to my attention that someone has been doing a little world wide neurological engineering with my abilities, this is spreading bad/messed up nets and frequencies. They don't want the good nets from us in the Phoenix net to spread, it turns out they make people brighter. They want to come to the rescue with their techniques of engineering nets rather than having natural ones. Ill try my best to give the world an option rather than these peoples plan of giving people only one option (their engineered nets). They must be planning on killing the phoenix net and me in that case, I know they have a 'team' of 'hero's' (lol) to replace us in the Phoenix net. Just a heads up to let the world know this is planned. I guess there will be 'the bright one' 'the wise one' 'the savant' and maybe some others.

A heads up about MI5's plan, they plan to use Ripley as a weapon, they have her as some messed up social engineer with bad guy syndrome, they want to make the story of the beginning of the quantum age to be a perverted mess in the hope they can then get the world to cover it up; and they can then stay in their positions of power with the public unaware. Another heads up, MI5 leaked some 'doctored' transcripts from the early days to the world, I hope the world works out which parts are doctored, I've never written a lie in my book and I'm not a pervert in any way. MI6 have worked out what people will do to get hold of transcripts of what I say, they have started recording me again but I fear they will doctor them to meet their own agenda. I should be having reporters in to meet me, not having to live like this I'm thinking. I'll do my best to bring good things into all this to counter these plans but I'm just one man, I'll do my best (I could use some help though)...

Sorry if I haven't posted this before now, I've been a bit ill from the torture the last few days and unable to work. I feel a bit better today. Seems like we have a few social engineers with bad guy syndrome out there (megalomania is part of bad guy syndrome after all), things might make a little more sense to people in the know out there after reading this. Oh, the spiked me with neuroleptics effecting my frontal lobs again but I'm ok, us Autistics are tough when we have to be.Damion

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