Friday, 1 January 2016

A new year

I don't know what this year will bring, least of all for me never mind for knowing of anyone else. I hope it's good things for all of us somehow. I hope it's going to be an interesting part of my story this year. I hope your story turns out to be just as interesting for you, you never know what the future holds, we all learn that one. You never know even, our stories might meet up someplace sometime somewhere somehow, you never know lol. I guess we get to see all things in time.

I enjoy sharing my story with you guys, I want to find my freedom before I write my story properly from start to finish though. I keep a lot of things to myself and for a few different reasons... I like to always have another good story (or more) to tell before I finish the story I'm telling for one. A clever idea borrowed from a clever girl. So keep coming back to my eclectic blog and to this story, there will always be more happenings happening and much ado about all sorts as is my theme.

So today is 1.1.2016. So it's a brand new year. So it's the end of our stories we've all written of 2015. So it's the start of all of our stories were going to write of 2016... So here's to my story, your story, and our stories...The stories we all write... 

/clinks his last New Years drink with his reader's. Damion x

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