Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Especially for hair- 'Quantum conditioning'

Here's an idea my girly readers will like... My work means it is possible to build a machine to manipulate proteins in the human body, this can be applied to different parts of the body (this is the bit the girls will like) including the hair! In fact the hair wold be ideal for testing my machine before moving on to the rest of the human body. It means hydrogen bonds can be replaced or taken away in the hair to make your hair stronger, it should leave the condition of your hair comparable to that a child's. 

This is alao possible with my hypnosis (you just need to tune into the right quantum net/fq), I asked Fuzz to work on this project for a while (so we could change the world with the advent of the quantum perm as I put it), after a week or two she had it cracked, it is more of a conditioner rather than a perm though. It's nice to see the results of my work in front of me, it was a rare and nice chance for me and Fuzz to work together. I've got another post for my girly readers coming soon about feminine intuition. D

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