Friday, 11 April 2014

An idea on photons

I've heard it is unknown why a photon can act like a particle and a wave. I'm sure it's because the photon is on the edge of dimension (a one dimensional energy). It acts like a particle in the physical universe but in dimension it is a wave. I've actually learnt about this from my hypnosis believe it or not. I never thought my hypnosis would lead to learning things about photon, lol, I was never too good at physics at school, could never do Maths that well, Im certain it's not a strong point of us thetas (more for the alphas methinks). I want to get my personality paper done related to this but I'm sat on a cure for schizophrenia, that has to be a priority, then there's my bi polar work, I'm trying to get it done, the bumbling nazis are doing there best to stop me writing. I'm going to try get some more done now. D

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