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An extract from my Schizophrenia work

This is an extract from the report mi6 have been trying to stop me writing since Xmas, the stpid thing is i know everything i need to write, mi6 drug me so i forget what im writing, they know theres a cure for scizophrenia, they regard it as a threat to them. if my shrinks out there manage to find Luke's net/s manipulating it should cure schizophrenia. Raising ID rate might also help, this is an Ems ability, you focus on someone's Ems and raise the energy upwards, I'm afraid it is very difficult to teach when not in person with my hypnosis. D

Schizophrenia- Conscious patrician theory (extract)
The partitioned mind

The Id rate/delta waves are too high but the conscious can cope with this in the first three stages of development due to the high amplitude of the other brain waves in the first three stages.

The symptoms of Schizophrenia are not present until an individual reaches the fourth stage of development (I have outlined these stages in my autistic spectrum theory). In the first three stages the mind can compensate for the heightened dopamine activity.

When an individual starts entering the fourth stage of development the mind starts to not be able to cope with the heightened dopamine response. In all but the mildest cases a patrician suddenly forms in the conscious mind, the thought process suddenly splits into two, this is when the symptoms of Schizophrenia manifest.

The proteins in the dopamine neuro receptors are damaged in the schizophrenic brain. 
The proteins in the neuro receptor remain unfolded letting the dopamine neurotransmitter flow through freely. It is this neuronal damage that causes Schizophrenia.

Dopamine stimulates the Id/Delta brain wave, increasing its amplitude and lowering its frequency, in Schizophrenia the Id/the delta brain wave is therefore overactive. 

Information from the Id travels up personality to consciousness, from the low frequency delta brain wave to the high frequency beta waves. This is in the form of virtual photons (a quantum particle created when a photon moves through an electromagnetic field that behaves by flowing towards higher frequencies). This is how the damaged dopamine neuro receptor effects the conscious mind. The lower the frequency that creates the virtual photon the longer the virtual photon will exist (it is inversely proportional to the energy that creates it), it can therefore travel further up personality. The effect is that the peaks in consciousness/beta waves are higher than normal.

Dopamine stimulates low frequency delta waves, virtual photons are inversely proportional to the energy that creates them. This means lower frequency virtual photons will exist for a longer period of time and will travel further up personality causing these overly high peaks in the conscious/beta waves

Consciousness/ beta waves are a chain of photons that are all connected, an electromagnetic wave. The amplitude and wavelength of the beta brain wave have to be balanced or the wave will split into two separate waves. This is what happens in the schizophrenic mind, the conscious mind is split into two seperate parts, this mechanism is responsible for most schizophrenic symptoms. A note, I wish a Chinese friend of mine, Hiro was here to do the Maths, I'm sure it would be easy to develop an EEG.

The formation of Luke's net

Luke's net is quantum neural net that forms when consciousness is particianed and the onset of symptoms. Lukes net is a neural potential, a network of energy that is not meant to be in the mind, but because of the conditions in the Schizophrenic mind this net forms. The process goes-

1. The individual starts entering the last stage of development. 

2. A patrician forms in the conscious

3. The mind tries to make sense of the two separate waves from the thought process that is now split in two.

4. Luke's net forms as the minds attempt to make sense of the two paralell thought processes, the larger the partician the deeper in the mind Luke's net forms and the stronger the effects are.

If the mind is partitioned to a stronger degree Luke's net will form at a lower frequency, penetrating deeper into the sub conscious effecting more of the super ego. The Nets below the frequency range of Luke's net are uneffected, the nets above the frequency of Luke's net are fractured into two seperate thought process.


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