Sunday, 9 March 2014

A comment on an mi6 agent and a targeted individual (the Macdonalds girl)

This is a post that was meant to be put out some time ago- There was an agent in during the month of November 2013. They sent him here because he was scaring his department. He was fixated with abuse, you know when people go 'in the zone' with computer games as an example, he was like that because of the abuse. MI6 had him rape me, on my Facebook wall there are photos of bruises on my forearms, he isn't trained in restraint so left the marks. I caught a glimpse of him, he is tall, medium to well built, and has short messy fair curly hair, he is in his late 30's. He was tapped on the shoulder because he worked at a macdonalds where one of mi6's targets are, he will have left his job soon after she had to leave due to mental health problems. He kept trying to make me spit in in face, I found the poor girl did that from his abuse of her and it turned him on. I won't mention why they targeted her or her ethnic background, I could see mi6 trying to claim I am stirring tension. she tries to tell people that this scum from her old job is abusing her but people think she's mad. They experiment on her day and night and what's worse they have idiots who's sole training is cooking burgers doing this to her. Mi6 said to me they have a plan to capitalise on me writing this, I hope some day she gets justice. The poor girl doesnt deserve some macdonalds trained pervert abusing her constantly, it's only to make Sawyers money. 

Apparently the CIA pay Sawyers to do these experiments, he's hiding the money with his friends so if he takes a fall they will pick him up after a couple of years. I can't believe MI6 even experiment on babies, I know what the thick net on Rubens brain was, it was placed while he was in the womb, I remember Fuzz and everyone being shocked when they first saw it. I never thought mi6 would stoop so low. I can crack the human brain but instead we have idiots like Blair, Cameron and Sawyers trying to make money like this. Hiro, the brain science guy from the government, fuzz, my other shrinks and me, we aren't happy about all this, we could out do all this very easily, but it's done because it makes idiots money. D

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