Friday, 21 February 2014

The CIA plan

I've found out the CIA is desperate to get the world to listen to the story's they have set up in America. The problem is they know if the world finds out the truth who would the world want to come out with my work? That's why the CIA have tried to kill and have persecuted a lot of people, they are going to try make out it was my actions that caused these things to happen. It's the CIA plan to make the world hate one asperger from a small insignificant town, to get the world to listen to the stories in America when morally it's not theirs. It seems they want to basically lay claim to my hypnosis and what it can do. I'm sure they will try to put the world off of the stories of what has really happened and of the real pioneers of my hypnosis. 

I'm not interested in trying to manipulate what history thinks, I just hope I can do something worth while of it, I've said for years my hypnosis can help millions of people, I'll just try and put my money where my mouth is. I could just use some help getting in the press. D

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