Thursday, 27 February 2014

An idea I've had on neurogenesis

I've come up with a plan to fix my brain damage, I've come to the conclusion people need to learn from me, to stop people on the spectrum being experimented on, it is more a necessity now.
I know if I keep a neuron firing at 0.5-4hz (the same as the delta brain wave in early development) it will prolong neurogenesis i.e from a stem cell therapy. I can use my hypnosis, a device (or both) to create a delta field ove my brain. My brain should have shrunk i imagine from losing so many neurons, so it's not just a matter of growing new neurons, it's a matter of getting my brain to grow. I think the delta field will loosen hydrogen bonds in all proteins, this will make all the cells it effects more flexible (and permeable), I think this will also help for growing new neurons and actually expanding neural networks. I think the human body uses this in the first stage of development for growth of the brain. I've noticed both in babies and the delta autistics I've met they look subtle and flexible, I think this is directly related to high delta waves effecting them on a cellular level. I think I can solve any problems getting stem cells to the right area. So I have a plan to fix myself, the hypnosis is easy enough to fix. I just need a plan to get myself in a position to do this. D

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