Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Information on Gareth Williams and on the CIA's tactics

The guy who murdered Gareth Williams has been online with me, he's here for more of mi6's comparative study. He was in Gareth's department, he raped Gareth to spur on him taking up the CIA job offer that lead to his torture. John Sawyers paid the guy for his murder, a million it seems. He logged secret results for Sawyers, if the rest of mi6 knew what he was logging they would have known it was for programming into children. Gareth must be a genetic asperger, i found this guy stole his semen when he raped him. This guy is know for this type of thing, he is also bisexual  he seems tall. I'm sure he' EMT'd with one of my children. 

I'm scared the CIA plan is to try and drag other countries down to their level, in fact I'm sure of it. Ithink they are going to try get other countries experimenting on autistics, i hope they don't, enough needless misery has been spread. I need to show the world what I can do, I'm still the best person to learn from, Us Thetas get stronger with age, I just need some time to patch myself up away from the bumbling nazis. D

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