Friday, 28 February 2014

I see angles 12.12.13

This article shows a little of what my hypnosis can do to people who are unaware of it. Seemingly president Obama uses my hypnosis by generating a reality (for people who have not read the notes for my book in the very first post on this blog this is sharing hallucinations under hypnosis). It seems he generated a reality of angels the interpreter saw, he thought they were real angles and preceded to run around shouting 'I see angles'. This shows how easily peoples religious beliefs can be used against them. I am under the impression the interpreter was using hypnotic gestures to hypnotize the president, I guess the president just wanted to show him what he was dealing with. It does demonstrate well though what my hypnosis can do to people.

The world needs to know of my hypnosis, people need to be aware of what it can do. I am not happy world leaders have been given my hypnosis, my opinion is they should have psychological security but not to be trained in my hypnosis themselves. If it was me training them I would insist as best I could they wait until they left office, I think for security they should be assigned people who will possibly work with them for life as these people could end up with sensitive information. Here is the article. D

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