Sunday, 29 December 2013

An idea I thought I would share

I've just realised something, today I heard a rumble from my tummy, due to a high/enlarged FQ gamma field over me the rumble actually radiated like it also came from outside my body, I have also noticed I can strike notes with my voice much better if there are more virtual photons in my mouth from a similar field placed there. 

The Buddist monk I met taught me a little about sword fighting and martial arts. She  showed me how I should feel like the blade is part of my body. She showed me how to concentrate on the end of a sword and feel my energy running through it, and to apply subilty/relaxation through the blade and then force at the end. 

She asked my opinion on if the energy from my concentration changed the blade, I replied 'no, I think your body becomes more aware of the blade and more muscles from your body become involved and that will be where the extra force comes from. 

Today I have started to look at this differently, I think your sword being part of your body does help more muscles become involved with the movement and puts more force into the blade, but now I think your virtual photons, chi as I believe she would call it do change the blade, I think it allows the blade to travel through space more effectively, just like the sound energy in my rumbling tummy. 

Our minds are constructed from the same particles that make the world around us (the virtual photons that make dimension), it must be this that increases the force in the blade.

A thought I wanted to share. I hope she and a shrink I named Hiro are doing well. D

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