Friday, 20 December 2013

What mi6 have done to a baby

I'm at Scarborough hospital, my friend meg has just given birth. There was a lot of fuss just now, PR and another guy from his Peadophile ring who has been in the last five days just pulled a net out of the baby's mind. It was thick and black, a compressed field with white bits. They put a field like what martial arts masters can manifest  their chi over its brain while he was in the womb, Sawyers wanted to see how the poor guys nets burnt away this field. I'm sat outside now, I'm not planning on going back In. I didn't think they would do something like this. One agent walked out after cutting PR's hypnotic contact. Paris is trying to make it so the rest of mi6 don't know about this. I knew something had happened when PR's friend said 'you don't know how much this is worth', Ruben was getting his second ever nappy change, mi6 seem obsessed with 'original' reactions/sensations, apparently they can be taught to people, for a price. What has happened to our government??? Experimenting on unborn babies to make money, I'm not going to tell meg, ill tell her when I'm in a position to do something about it. Ill try keep away, ididn't  make eye contact with him, it can be done other ways. My hypnosis needs to become public knowledge, before this spreads across a world that urgently needs to adapt to it. D

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