Sunday, 22 December 2013

An important update

MI6 got some Chienise agents in a couple of days ago, they were invited here, I think some people over there like me, so of course mi6 need to change this somehow.

David Cameron won't reply to my cease and desist letter from two months back. Cameron I found out from one of my shrinks is doing the same as Tony Blair, surrounding himself with powerful people (i think). He (and the president of the USA  (see a later post) are trained in my hypnosis, if I was in government I would do my best to get world leaders to wait until they are out of office to learn my hypnosis, I'd insist if I could; hypnosis related security yes, my hypnosis no.

I've found out mi6 and the CIA got desperate to recreate what I can do with my children, it seems be the age of 5 they were classed as failed dam experiments. in the UK i found some went/were sold to good families, they didnt realise that by the age of eight they start to look just like me though. them not producing the results will be what lead to the Gareth Williams experiment. 'Some thing take a life time to learn'.

Paris tells me the CIA are desperate to get my genes into America, I really don't like the fact Ems went to America to Disney land. 

Mi6 recently made a schizophrenic that is a friend of my family jump off a roof, she is my mums boyfriends daughter, she is a mum also. This was to put spin on the fact Tony Nicklinson died when my hypnosis could have saved him, this was just two weeks after I've proved to myself beyond doubt my hypnosis can cure schizophrenia. They expected me to write in a similar fasion to what I did about Tony. For those who are wondering about my trip, I traveled there, I met one of his daughters, I explained how my hypnosis works, she said she hoped to hear about all this in the press soon, I had to try. MI6 said 'we Arnt having  the same thing as parkinsons' about my scizophrenia cure, apparently some people wernt happy about all the people who have died around the world when there is something that stops parkinsons in its tracks. I'm off to put my paper togeter for a few hours now. First I need to write an important post. Now I know I have shrinks all over the world I can make more of a difference with what I write here. D

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