Sunday, 22 December 2013

A cure for Schizophrenia

This is a message to my shrinks around the world who read this...

This is how you can cure schizophrenia ,I'm  hoping we can as good as wipe this,illness Out. I will explain how I personally would go about it, there are other ways. If this way fails you can opt for teaching the patient to see their own nets to do this, there are some other ways I know if necessary.

Firstly find a volunteer who suffers from schizophrenia who understands and consents. Take them into a hypnotic state so you can sense their emotions well, taking yourself inside their EMS (but dont EMT) may Increase the amount you can sense. 

Now I want you to close your mind down and just listen, you should sense something that feels wrong, it will stand out to you.  An important part of my hypnosis is about actually not thinking; Try forget about where you are, forget about what you are doing and just listen, listen for what feels wrong. Then don't think about moving up or down, don't think about changing your frequency or size, just take yourself towards this wrong feeling. If you do it right you will know, you should find a green net there, this is what causes the schizophrenic  symptoms. There are two energies flowing through this quantum network, there should only be one, you need to realign this network. This is mixing up the energies or maybe even suppressing one of them would work, This won't be too difficult, the patient should feel much clearer from this, it should put then back to more or less how they where in the third stage of development before schizophrenia started to take effect. 

I am writing my paper on schizophrenia over christmas, my cure and the mechanisms behind it will be explained in more depth there. I just hope the drugging and fits stop, it's sedatives mixed with pentathol and memory damaging drugs, lol; I can do my work but I can't remember yesterday  (us theta's have good long term memory, the drug seems to effect short term memory).  I've wanted to do this post for days now. There is a 5% suicide rate for schizophrenia, I think it's best to let the world know ASAP with this one. The bumbling nazis in the UK and USA have held this back too long.

A note to add- This quantum neural network is called 'Lukes net', there is a story in my unfinished book about this net (the story of Luke's net), this story is about never giving up.

P.S I hope to hear a good story or two about this from you one day, good luck. D

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