Saturday, 3 August 2013

Information on a possible attempt on my life in 2011 and a comment on crimes against humanity

This is an x-ray from 20011, on 1.1.11 they spiked me with a drug which made me very ill then spiked my tobacco with something for about a month. I had a small chest infection that turned into the infection below very quickly. All tests were inconclusive which the doctor found strange. I think the drug may have been a carcinogen as what I suspect all the recent drugging may have been. I know nothing about carcinogens apart from what I have recently read about cancer forming after a year of exposure, I found the lungs also expel the toxin more quickly than other exposure. I think I've done enough to get out of my situation, it seems they need me to get out of this situation but to die soon after, I have reported the most recent attempt on my life to the police and gave them the video I put on here with a copy of my book that ends at part 5. I told them I had concerns for my children also. I'm worried for my children, especially Ems. 

MI6 and MI5 are scared they are going to be prosecuted for genocide, they are desperate to not get caught for stealing my semen and selling it. I have dominant genes, my children look like me from eight or so onward, it wouldn't make sense to sell them to good families to be raised to be top hypnotherapists that look like me and bear half my genetic make up, it would be a security threat. The reason they stole it was money and power plain and simple, with little regard for what such a crime could lead to. 

I have heard the term 'if one of us loses our rights we all begin to suffer'. That statement makes more sense to me now, its not because of the sorrow people feel from hearing of these acts, it is because the reason spreads to others. 

Here is the information on my chest-

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